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Still More Kitty Drama [Apr. 21st, 2010|11:01 pm]
A terrible cat fight woke me up this morning. Alger and his sister usually wait on the back porch in the morning until I come out to feed them. Today I woke to hear things crashing in the midst of horrible yowls and cat screeches. I stumbled to the window overlooking the porch and pulled the shade aside and tapped on the window. At that intervention, whichever cats were fighting immediately took off running through the back yard and out one of the gaps in the fence. I thought I saw one of the two-tone tom cats, but couldn't be sure because in my rush to reach the window I'd failed to put on my glasses. Everything was a blur.

When I went out, after getting my glasses, I found the porch in disarray. A resin chair and table were overturned, all the things that had been sitting on the counter by the sink were on the ground, and the cats' water dish was overturned and broken in two. I went to the back fence and looked down the alley both ways, but no cats were in sight. I heard no more fighting, so I assume that the cat who was being beaten got away from the attacker.

I'm pretty sure the cat getting beaten up was Alger. There was no sign of either him or his sister all day. The female kitty finally turned up about six o'clock this evening, and quickly ate the food I put out for her and then went back into hiding, but Alger still hasn't made an appearance. The food I left out for him is untouched. Though I was pretty sure one of the two-tone cats had been in the fight, this evening I saw the gray cat in the yard for the first time in weeks, and now I'm wondering if maybe he was the one attacking Alger— who may or may not be the gray cat's offspring.

So I'm keeping a watch out for Alger. I don't know if he's staying away because he's frightened, or because he's injured— or maybe he wasn't in the fight, and is only away on one of his periodic absences, doing whatever young tom cats do. It might have been two other tom cats fighting, perhaps over the young female— who may or may not be the offspring of one or the other of them. I do wish that cats led less... interesting lives.

A more pleasant event was watching a trio of deer walk up the street late this afternoon. I seldom get to see deer on this block in broad daylight. They were probably out scouting for freshly bloomed flowers to eat. They were a bit early for the roses, though, which are their favorites. In a couple of weeks there should be quite a few roses available. The weekend is supposed to be warm and sunny, so the plants will get busy making use of the rain they got over the last couple of days. The deer will be back, though more likely by night than by day. I hope Alger comes back too, and in good condition.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2010-04-22 11:33 am (UTC)
oh, dear. i hope it wasn't alger, but if it was, i hope he turns up soon in acceptable condition.
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