rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tooth and Claw

Portia slaughtered a small rodent (a gopher, most likely, or maybe a young mole) this afternoon and brought it into the garage. She'd have brought it into the house had I not stopped her. She failed to eat her kill, and later I had to take the little cadaver out to a flower bed to rot or be decently devoured by some other creature. Portia also stuck up her nose at a bit of my salmon dinner that I tried to share with her. What a picky kitty she is. And yet she eats the crappy dry food I give her regularly.

Other than dealing with a corpse, the day was warm and nice, and the evening was filled with the music provided by frogs. For the first time this year a cricket joined their song. Crickets! It's definitely spring. Now, if I can only keep Portia from killing too many of my favorite singing insects.

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