rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Running Afoul of the Electronic

It took LJ a very long time to post my last entry. It took 1:59 for my home page to open. It took Sluggo longer than usual to put up my desktop. I feel like I'm swimming through molasses today.

The unseasonable warmth is having an effect on me, too. Pollen is filling the air, and I'm getting my usual spring allergies early. My brain has slowed down as much as the Internet has. Well, of course, my brain is electronic, too. Or electrochemical, I guess. Logy. Logy and muddled. I wonder why spring always makes me oversleep? Maybe there is a soporific among the various pollens out there. That is one good thing about the cold snap which is bound to come and shut down this false spring. The pollen will go away, and I will get my energy back. A few dead plants and a bad cherry crop are a small price to pay for that. But it would have been better if spring had just waited for its proper time.

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