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Colorful [Apr. 15th, 2010|07:27 pm]
The first golden poppy of the year has bloomed in my back yard, and it's a big one. The same plant has nearly a dozen buds that will probably bloom in the next few days, and the other plants won't be far behind. The number of plants appears to have increased by about a third again. As I recall there were about seventy blossoms at once during last year's peak, so we might get a peak of nearly a hundred this year. Well, if deer don't come in the yard and eat them. Last year we still had a complete fence to keep the browsers out.

The cala lilies in the front yard have begun to bloom too. Yesterday there were none, today there are five. Tomorrow I expect a veritable explosion of them. I'll probably pick some to take to mom in the care home. She always looked after the cala lilies when she was still able to get outside and dig in the garden.

A plant in full bloom is the camellia, but for some reason most of the flowers this year are low on the stems and facing in toward the centers of the bushes. Form a distance they hardly look like they're blooming at all, but up close you can see dozens of red flowers tucked among the big green leaves. I wonder what they've got to hide? It's as though the plants have suddenly grown modest and don't want their genitalia exposed to the world. Maybe I should blame the Mormons who've been canvasing the block more often lately.

Though the day was sunny, it wasn't quite as warm as expected, so I wasn't able to leave the windows open, but by Sunday it should be up to seventy degrees. The house has been getting stuffy during this wet, chilly week, and I'll be glad to have it bright and open again. But how the camellias will be shocked!

[User Picture]From: carbonunit
2010-04-16 05:12 am (UTC)
"Flowers are essentially tarts; prostitutes for the bees."
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[User Picture]From: flying_blind
2010-04-17 12:43 am (UTC)
Mmm, tarts... oh, wait. Different kind of tarts.
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