rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Today was shopping day again. I spent less money than I did last week, but it took about as long to do it. Hell might have frozen over while I was dithering in stores. Hate shopping.

A thunderstorm could come Sunday or Monday or both days. I want there not to be any conflagrations this year, so thunderstorms are unwelcome unless they bring torrents of rain to put out any fires their lightning might start. This one might be wet. It better be if it knows what's good for it.

Portia managed to sneak out this evening by making herself temporarily invisible when I opened the door to go out myself. I'd thought she was in another room but she suddenly appeared and sidled right past me, then went after some birds who'd been pecking on the lawn. Later she went across the street to stalk more birds. She caught none, and returned home safely after making herself invisible a couple more times. Why she didn't make herself invisible to the birds I don't know. Maybe there are rules preventing cats from making themselves invisible to creatures they eat.

Oh, midnight nearing already. Shopping just guts a day.

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