rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


One of the feral cats— I think it's the female— has discovered that I can be watched through my window from the mulberry tree. She was up there this evening, and Portia was not pleased when she woke from a nap on my lap and saw her rival in the tree, just a few feet away. There was a bit of mutual hissing and some disapproving meows.

Portia's on-again-off-again limp was better again today, so maybe she'll be healed in a few days after all without a trip to the vet. In the meantime she hasn't been outside (and I have to sneak out myself to keep her from trying to dash through the open door with a mad limp.) I'd be happy to have her become an entirely indoor cat, but she so loves going out that I don't think she'd tolerate the confinement.

Tomorrow could be warm enough that I could leave the windows open for a couple of hours. Today was pleasant but still a bit chilly. I'll be glad to get the house aired out again. There will be some pollen though. A lot of buds are ready to open. It won't take many warm days to bring on the annual sneeze-fest. But spring! Totally worth it!
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