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This afternoon a lone doe limped up the block as rain fell. I don't know why she was limping, or why she was alone. Maybe she was the sole survivor of a car/multi-deer collision. She seemed a bit dazed, though it's hard to tell with deer. They often seem dazed. I never saw her come back down the block, and don't know where she went. Back yards along this block are all fenced so she'd have had to leap one to escape the neighborhood. Maybe she was less injured than she appeared to be. I hope so.

There was a bit of snow mixed with the rain this morning. I had to go shopping later and got wet running across parking lots at various stores. I didn't find half of what I was looking for either, so I'll have to go out again soon, and the weather will likely remain chilly and intermittently wet through Tuesday. Equally annoying is that three very cold nights lie ahead, and I'm loath to heat the house to a really comfortable temperature for fear of high gas bills. I go outside now and then so the house will at least seem warmer by comparison. There's nothing to see outside, though. The clouds are still too thick.

A distressing discovery I've made is that the letters are wearing off of some of the keys on my Logitech keyboard. The "N" is almost gone, the "M" and "H" are both partly gone, and parts of the "E" are looking thin. Why these particular letters are wearing away I don't know. I don't think they get that much more use than many of the other letters. I do know that I have an Olympus typewriter some four decades old in my closet, and that it has had far more use (and for more vigorous use, as it is a manual typewriter on which the keys must be smacked hard to register the letters on the paper) and not one of its letters is yet worn at all. Logitech just makes crappy keyboards, I guess.

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