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As the gas/electricity bills for this house have always been high, and now that household income is much reduced (it might be more accurate to say it's gone negative) I've been doing what I can to reduce them. The main thing I'm doing is keeping the heat much lower. For years mom had to have the house very warm, and I'd grown accustomed to the having thermostat set at 72 or even higher. When she moved out I thought I might have hard time getting used to a considerably lower temperature but so far it isn't that bad. I'm now leaving it set at 66 degrees most of the time and, as long as I wear a hoodie, I find it's not at all uncomfortable. I'm not sure how much this (along with now having two rooms closed off) will reduce the gas bill, but I'm hoping to at least halve it.

When the hot weather comes I'll be trying to avoid using the air conditioner as much as possible. Whether this will prove easier or more difficult than adjusting to the winter cold has been I don't know. I have mixed feelings about heat. Sometimes I find it enjoyable and at other times it is enervating. I don't think I can deal with having the house much above 80 degrees for long, though. There's also the fact that the hotter the house gets the harder the refrigerator has to work to maintain its internal temperature, which partly offsets the savings from leaving the air conditioner off.

There's no chance of hot weather arriving for at least a week, though. April's first week is expected to be quite cool, as was the penultimate day of March. We had by turns bright sun, tumbling clouds, and slate overcast, but no rain until after nightfall, and it has fallen only briefly so far. This will probably be another of the year's typical storms, hoarding most of its rain until it passes far to the east. Get ready for flooding if you live in the Midwest.

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