rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

All They Say

Tangerines. I picked some up at Safeway the other day. Honey Tangerines from Florida. They are very good, even after being shipped all the way across the country. They must be quite excellent fresh off the tree. I always preferred tangerines to other citrus fruits when I was a kid. One of the main reasons was that they are so easy to peel. And, the peels are so thin that it seems as though very little is being wasted. I was always irritated by those oranges that looked so big, but when peeled, turned out to be mostly white pulp. But the flavor of the tangerine is very nice, too. Undoubtedly the sweetest of the citrus fruits, yet having that characteristic citrus bite. The Honey Tangerine is intensely flavored, and chills very nicely. I recommend them.

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