rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was no journal entry yesterday due to an excess of tedious tidying that was going on. The tidying continued today, and was still as tedious, but I decided to finally take a break. How did so much stuff get into my house, and then remain here for so long a time? I found old AOL disks! I found old issues of TV Guide! I found sales receipts from K-mart! Dead batteries! Catalogs from companies that no longer exist! Unread issues of magazines still in their plastic mailing bags! And I've barely made a dent in the accumulation! And look at all these exclamation points I've unearthed! This place is a dump!!!

While I've been muddling through the detritus, the day has gone from chilly but sunny to cold and gray. There is some chance of snow tonight, though there is unlikely to be much of it. As long as the power stays on I don't care what falls out of the sky. I'm going to be too busy to be going outside anyway, except when I have to tote another load of junk to the wheelie bins. I'm hoping to find something that will please me among all the trash, but so far there's been nothing but an old picture postcard I've long missed. Oh, and about a dollar in misplaced coins. A dollar for two days of labor! I'll have to spend more than that on antihistamines to deal with the consequences of all the dust the project has stirred up.

Back to the junk mines.
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