rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I think I can safely predict more snow in the east in a couple of days, as once again we're having a storm that hoards its rain. Enough rain falls to keep the frogs happy and keep everything green for now, but the soil will probably dry out quickly once the storm passes.

None of my plans for today worked out, and my broken clock is at fault. I set the alarm for three o'clock, and when I woke up it said three thirty, but the clocks in the other rooms said four thirty. It lagged two hours over seven hours. One of the things I'd planned to do today was to get a new clock, but waking so late I didn't have the time to do that. That old clock has an awfully strong sense of self-preservation, and obviously can read my mind. I'd better unplug it.

Washing windows will have to wait too, until there's some sunshine by which to see streaks. This afternoon was vacuum cleaning time. With mom no longer here I can make noise whenever I want. Only Portia is disturbed, and she can go hang out in the garage until the scary machine is back in its closet.

There was half an hour of thin fog this evening. I went outside to pay Alger some attention and listened to the condensation drip from the trees, and Alger purring as I scratched his head. It was very relaxing.

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