rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The current storm, like others this season, has been less fierce than predicted. An occasional downpour accompanied by gusty wind has rattled the windows and made the downspouts gurgle, but these have lasted only a few minutes. Mostly there has been drizzle or mere mist. It hasn't even been very cold. The only thing wintry about it has been the relentless gray of the sky. It hasn't even deterred the frequent flights of waterfowl migrating north. Another storm is expected early next week, but I doubt it will amount to much either.

This evening Portia scurried out the back door as I was going out to fill the feral kitties' food bowl. Alger came running from the back yard at the same time. I expected major cat drama to ensue, but there was only a lot of glaring and a bit of hissing. Alger settled down to eat while Portia watched. Once I got Portia back inside, she sat on the windowsill and gave Alger dirty looks. He looked at her a few times but quickly lost interest in her and went off to further explore the soggy world. There were birds who needed to be chased, after all.

I think there's more moss on the mulberry tree this year than I've ever seen before. Most of its branches are green plush all the way to their tips. I can imagine I'm in Ireland. Come summer it will all dry up and I'll be back in California. I'll recall my imaginary vacation fondly.

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