rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

News From Nowhere

I've suddenly developed some sort of sinus thing that's causing noises in my right ear and an irritating post-nasal drip. I don't think it could be pollen this early in the season. Maybe it's from the mold spores that are probably floating about the house from the still-uncleaned ducts. Must get them cleaned.

The sun stayed out this morning to keep me awake for hours, then vanished behind clouds almost the moment I woke up. The clouds began breaking up at sunset, and I got about five minutes of direct light, pale though it was. The bad timing of the clouds annoys me. The sky should be overcast as I go to sleep and sunny when I wake.

Happier news is that one of the jade plants that got frozen late last year has put out a bunch of tiny new leaves. It looks like that one at least will survive. The other remains bare, but all I need is one. Once a few of its branches have plenty of leaves a few bits can be broken off and transplanted.

For the last couple of days Alger's behavior has been less feral. He actually purred as I poured food into his bowl this morning, and briefly rubbed his head against my hand. The other two cats are also less fearful of me than they were, though they don't yet weave around my feet as Alger does. I haven't seen their mom in days, and suspect that she might at last have gone off to have another litter of kittens. If so, I hope she finds some other place to take them when they get bigger. I have my quota of kitties, feral or otherwise.

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