rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Usual Subjects

The feral cats took advantage of the sunny day to wander off. Only brave kitty was on the porch for a while this afternoon, and I didn't see Alger until dusk. His leg must be feeling a bit better. I can't tell if he's sleeping on the porch tonight because the light has burned out, and I don't want to climb up to change it in the dark, especially when the counter is still wet from the rain that came through the leaky roof. The kitties will have to endure a lightless night, except for the moon which is nearly full. Moonlight is undoubtedly sufficient for the cats, but I can't see squat out there.

Despite the sunny day (well,partly cloudy) there was a brief shower about seven o'clock this evening. Serious rain is expected again by Friday. As wet as it's already been, locally we've only gotten 64% of the normal seasonal total of rainfall for the date. The storms have been persistent but stingy. Must we trouble deaf heaven with our rain-bootless cries? Probably.

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