rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


WTF LJ going into maintenance limbo just when I have time to update!

I though the rain would be entirely gone by tomorrow, but the forecast now says the chance of rain will persist for the next four days. As much as I've enjoyed it, I'm ready for a break and a few hours of sunlight. I attribute to the tumultuous storm Wednesday the fact that I totally forgot that it was my birthday. Maybe I should sign up for those LJ birthday notifications. Do they send you a notification for your own?

Now it's late and I will now go watch Conan O'Brien's last Tonight show. I've haven't seen a single one since he started, and rarely watched Leno (his jaw creeps me out.) Goodnight, Conan,it's flights of A-holes send the on thy quest. At least you get to take a big chunk of their cash with you.

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