rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Delay and More Delay

No head yanking took place today after all. There was a scheduling mix-up at the chiropractor's office and my appointment has been postponed for a week. I'm glad I found out before I went down there. Instead of running around town to no purpose I was able to sit a while enjoying the brief afternoon sunshine and watching the feral cats nap. They too enjoyed the brief sunshine, a pair of them being curled up in a sunny spot by the fence and the third enjoying the afternoon on the roof, from which he occasionally peered at me through one of the porch skylights.

The feral cats will be less sanguine tomorrow, as my failure to go out today meant that I also failed to get another bag of cat food, and the next chance to get one won't come until Saturday. I have to keep enough for Portia, she being the privileged indoor lap cat, and little will remain for the feral cats. They'll probably get a small breakfast Friday, but no more until Saturday afternoon.

One of them might not feel like eating anyway, because I saw him stalking a frog next door this evening. If he caught it and ate it he'll probably be sick for a while. Frog, like lizard, doesn't agree with kitties, but I've known them to eat both beasts anyway. I was actually a bit surprised to find that there even was a frog next door. I'd never heard it croak until today, and this is quite some distance from the nearest wet area. I hope the cat didn't catch it, not only because I don't want the cat to get sick if he ate the amphibian, but because a frog who survived the freezing weather a few weeks ago deserves to live to greet the new froggy generation that will arrive this spring.

Possible rain tomorrow and Saturday, and no likelihood of a freeze at this elevation, will go some way toward redeeming a January thus far sadly lacking in virtues. I wish I could have gotten my head yanked today, though. My neck is very uncomfortable.

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