rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The last day of the year approaches. The rain has stopped for now, so the drip in the den is no longer plopping. My dad has gone off to the hospital to get a feeding tube installed. My mom is wearing a monitor to measure her oxygen levels as she sleeps to see if she still needs the concentrator, so the noisy concentrator has been turned off for the night.

After half an hour of cat lunacy involving repeated romps here and there and the occasional shredding of parts of today's newspaper, Portia has settled down for a nap. All this adds up to it being very quiet here tonight. There's only the furnace going on now and then, and the whir of the computer. I've grown unaccustomed to such placidity and find it difficult to concentrate. I'm going to have to go watch television.

I might go out and check on the moon now and then to make sure it's still there, but the night air is too cold for me to stay out very long. It doesn't really feel like year's end yet. More like a chilly limbo in which time has been suspended. I should get a conventional clock to go tick, tick, tick, just to remind me that the seconds still pass.

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