rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I went into the garage to close the door about five o'clock this evening and was surprised to see two deer at the end of the driveway. They were looking down the street, and a moment later another deer came to join them. Then all three stood looking back, and after a short time a fourth deer joined the group. Once all four had gathered they proceeded north.

All four were does. I looked about to see if a stag was following them, but none appeared, and once they had gone a little way up the block I went out to the street to see if a stag was leading them, but I saw no stag in that direction either. I don't recall ever seeing four does without a stag. I wonder if this little herd had a stag and something bad happened to him? Or maybe they are just lesbian does?

The feral mom cat came to eat with her kittens this evening and, though she was still favoring her left fore-paw, she was at least able to walk on it, so I guess her injury wasn't as bad as I'd first feared. If she was bitten sometime recently the injury might have been only an abscess that had just broken. That would have accounted for the wet look of her fur. In any case I guess I can stop worrying about her. She'll probably survive to drop another litter and bring it here to plague me.

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