rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sneaking Up On Morning

It's past midnight now. I get here later every day. There was a colorful sunset thanks to the icy clouds not being too thick last evening. We'll probably get more of those this weekend.

The feral kittens' mom turned up this evening with her foreleg injured. She wouldn't let me get close enough to her to see how serious the injury was, but she was holding it up and walking on three paws. The fur looked matted, so there was probably some blood on it. I'd guess she got bitten by something. I hope she doesn't have to escape any critters before her leg heals. I doubt if she could either run fast or climb well in her condition. Poor kittens might get orphaned. Of course they're about as big as she is now, and she isn't the one feeding them anymore. That would be me. Kittens better hope I don't get injured.

More rain is due Monday, which is the winter solstice. I wonder if that's a portent of any sort? Like the groundhog seeing its shadow? Well, as long as it doesn't portend the arrival of more feral cats.
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