rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Later and Later

Weather forecast keeps saying partly cloudy and the weather keeps being cloudy all day. Can't the weather read?

And I still really don't like not waking up until after three o'clock in the afternoon— especially not this time of year.

Because I have no idea who might want one, if anybody using a basic (free) LJ account wants that coupon for ten bucks off on a paid account let me know with a comment on this post. Assuming the process works as advertised, I can send them to ten people. You don't have to be on my friends list to get one. It can't be used for the renewal of an existing paid account, unfortunately. And I have no idea why they didn't just advertise a ten dollar discount instead of doing this coupon thing. It's an odd promotion, and reminds me of the "invitation code" era.


Feral cats bounding across the roof again. What a life.

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