rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Missed a Day

Portia decides to have cat lunacy at the most inconvenient times and the most inappropriate places. I returned from showering and found mail and papers strewn about my room, with the cat napping peacefully amid them. Little angel. I guess she's getting stir-crazy. Between the rain and the feral cats she has rarely gotten outside lately. She needs some kitty toys.

The sun will be making itself scare for days on end, rain or no rain. It's definitely December, and mere days from the solstice. Time for some onion soup. But which recipe? The Food Network alone has 162 recipes for French onion soup. The Internets overload me. So many soups, so little time. I guess I'll just pick the one with the most onions in it.

See, the PG&E bill came today and I have no choice but to open it. I must think of onion soup in order not to hate winter.

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