rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The snow was a bust here, but they got a whole bunch farther south. They even got quite a bit in the East Bay, at elevations where it seldom snows at all. All that remained of the day's few flurries when I woke up was a scattering of white on the lawn, and the sunlight was gleaming on the damp pavement. It sure was cold, though.

The temperature is dropping even lower now that the storm has passed, and I fear for the survival of my jade plants. They are now way too heavy to haul into the house, and remain on the back porch. If they survive I think I'll take a couple of cuttings from them and stick them in small pots that will be easy to bring indoors.

Kmart has thermal underwear on sale. Maybe I'll buy some. We could end up having the coldest winter in several years. And the winter solstice is still two weeks away!

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