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No real snow yet, but it's expected by morning, and could fall at elevations as low as 1000 feet. There were flurries of popcorn snow this afternoon, but never enough to stay on the ground. The storm still doesn't appear to have much moisture— probably just enough to make the roads dangerous. It will be good if nobody skids into a utility pole and takes out our power. I have no desire to be without electricity on a night when it could be 25 degrees F.

The rain expected Thursday will be considerably warmer, though still chilly. I'm not enjoying winter's premature onset. Pomegranates would help assuage my displeasure, but I have none. I guess I'll settle for a persimmon.

Sunday Verse

The Faun Sees Snow for the First Time

by Richard Aldington

Cloud-whirler, son-of-Kronos,
Send vengeance on these Oreads
Who strew
White frozen flecks of mist and cloud
Over the brown trees and the tufted grass
Of the meadows, where the stream
Runs black through shining banks
Of bluish white.

Are the halls of heaven broken up
That you flake down upon me
Feather-strips of marble?

Dis and Styx!
When I stamp my hoof
The frozen-cloud-specks jam into the cleft
So that I reel upon two slippery points ...

Fool, to stand here cursing
When I might be running!


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