rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Storm by Sunday

Waiting for the weather to arrive, everything is quiet. Few breezes stir. The moon lights swaths of fallen leaves, exposed by the bareness of the branches they lately occupied. The first storm to arrive will be cold, and snow levels will reach down to 2500 feet. Quickly following will be a storm of tropical origin with much rain. At lower altitudes the snow will probably melt quickly, and there could be flooding. It's going to be an interesting week. I have no idea what to do about the feral cats. They'll have to try to stay as warm and dry as they can by whatever means they can find.

I wish I'd made my appointment with the chiropractor this week instead of next week. Not only am I probably going to get soaked going out next week, but my neck is more out of place than I'd expected it to be by this time. Excessive optimism strikes again!

Portia is having cat lunacy. I have to distract her before she destroys something.

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