rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Midweek Blather

There was a wasp loose in my house the other night, and not the sort with an Escalade. It was the sort with a stinging device on its butt. It was ensconced in a spot I couldn't reach with any sort of swatter, and I was watching it and waiting for it to move to more exposed territory, but I was distracted and when I got back to where it had been it was gone. I fear that it might have made its way through a vent into the attic and is now up there preparing a nest which will one day teem with multitudes of its buzzy, stinging kind. And the little buggers don't even make honey. Nature sucks sometimes.

A possibility of rain combined with very low nocturnal temperatures looms after the weekend. This brings the spectre of snow. There are brown leaves remaining on the trees, so it's much to soon for snow, but it could arrive despite my disapproval. The only thing good that could come of such an event is the freezing of the wasp who may be in the attic. Less good would be the cold driving the wasp back into my part of the house, perhaps as I sleep, and the nasty little beast stinging me. They don't die when they sting, so I could even get multiple stings. The future looks grim. Well, grimish. Well, potentially unpleasant.

Must let the cat in before she gets in a fight with a feral cat. I don't even know why she inssited on going outside at this time of night, and in this chilly weather. Feline madness!

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