rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

It's a Racket

Somebody has been flying an incredibly noisy helicopter over my neighborhood almost every day recently. Sometimes it comes by in the morning and wakes me up, sometimes it arrives in the afternoon. This afternoon I was outside when I heard it approaching, and it was louder than I've ever heard it. The racket is actually painful when the machine gets close. I looked around trying to see the infernal device, but the noise was everywhere so I didn't know where to look. In the end I missed it. I think it passed very near and to the north, and not very high. I heard the kids up the block whooping after it had passed, so they must have seen it.

But two of the feral cats were in the yard and went into a complete panic. One dove under the jasmine hedge, and the other ran into the shed. They were wild with terror.

I wish there was a helicopter spray like bug spray.

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