rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The whole night smells of wood smoke. Multiple fireplaces and wood stoves must be blazing. It's very unlikely there'd be a wildfire this time of year, especially after the recent rains. Still, the smell is a disturbing reminder.

I'm getting very Internet lazy. I keep going to the same sites over and over and seldom see anything new. Not that I can spare the time to look at anything new.

Those feral cats living in my yard have all the time in the world, though. I heard them romping on the roof a while ago. They never have to hunt for food. Brave Kitty and Alger have both begun hopping onto the counter outside my kitchen window, and Portia hops onto the kitchen table, and the cats look at one another through the glass. None of them seem especially pleased. In fact, Portia and the ferals give each other some very dirty looks. I keep the shade down most of the time. Kitty hatred is a terrible thing to behold.

So many dead leaves!

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