rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Again the Rain

Nice and wet out tonight, with trickling sounds outside my window, open just a crack so that I can smell the dampness withoug geting too cold. My shoulder doesn't hurt as much as it did earlier tonight, and my fingers are not as sore. I'm still typing mostly with my left hand, though, which is tiresome in the extreme. I make lots of mistakes which have to be undone. Maybe I could get a monkey to type for me. Any creature who has fingers and is smarter than a computer ought to be able to learn to type. If only roaches had fingers, they could learn to type. Of course, archie learned to type without fingers. But, if he had been forced to learn on a computer, it would have taken him far longer to complete each task, since the computer would have crashed so frequently. He might never have finished anything, in fact. I wish I could hook up my old Olympia to the internet. It is surely a far more reliable machine than Sluggo. But, I ramble, left handed, and run out of time. Feed the cats, go to sleep, dream of crushing Sluggo under a monster truck.
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