rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Cold Bright

It's getting awfully chilly around here. I'm worried about 1) the feral cats and 2) the gas bills we'll be getting. I could let the feral cats in the house so they'd be warmer and that would make better use of the gas, but I don't think they'd come it. Well, Alger might come in, but I'm sure he'd want the door left open, which would let the house get colder and defeat the whole purpose. Even though he hisses and growls every time he sees me, he's still very curious about the house and peers in through the door every time it's open. He's a strange little kitty, and has very pretty green eyes. It's too bad he's so wild. His fur looks very soft.

Oh, I saw a single bright, fast-moving meteor about ten o'clock. That would be an early Leonid. The peak is on the 17th and 18th. Alas, we are to have clouds and probably rain those nights. That early stray is probably all I'll get to see.
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