rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Clip Clop

I startled a pair of deer a while ago. They were on the street very close to my yard when I went out the front door, though I couldn't see them in the dark. I heard the sudden rush of their hooves as they fled. After standing still a few minutes, I heard them slowly return up the street, sticking to the far side, and saw their vague forms by the dim light of the neighbor's porch light. I think it was a doe and a fawn. They were probably heading up the block where several big oaks have been dropping a bumper crop of acorns. Deer like acorns.

Later there were a few sprinkles, but there's been no real rain yet. Wednesday is most apt to be the seriously rainy day. I must lay in a supply of cookies to go with my tea.

The autumn colors of the leaves were subdued by the overcast all day, but that's when I like them best.

No sleep until after eight o'clock this morning, got up before three. Six hours again. I'm bumping into door jambs and I'm jumpy from the excess of coffee I drank to stay awake. None of this is conducive to sensible verbiage. I'll be quiet now.

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