rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Bug Rug

A chilly wind is scattering dry leaves and sending a hail of acorns to imperil the nocturnal walker, if any be about. The feral kittens (now grown quite large) are napping in a heap under the protective roof of my back porch, and Portia is curled in my lap after spending half an hour sleeping on my mouse pad. As Portia has to put up with my activities with the computer, I'm not sure she is as fortunate as the feral kittens. They get to sleep undisturbed by anything other than the wind and its noyades of oak leaves. Portia gets poked and prodded by my computer mouse and then, after moving to my lap, gets her head repeatedly brushed by my arm as I type. Plus, I'm about to dump her of my lap because it's shower time.

The Snuggie commercials on television are coming more often now. They must be taking advantage of the onset of cold weather. What the more recent commercials, featuring groups of people all wearing Snuggies, have made me realize is that while one person wearing a Snuggie just looks a bit stupid, groups of people wearing Snuggies look like they belong to a cult. A really stupid cult.

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