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The heat these days has a way of penetrating. Even when I'm sitting in the shade these afternoons, my skin feels a bit like it has the day after I've gotten a sunburn, or when I've stood too close to a fire. Even though many days of summer were hotter, these are more oppressive. I'll be glad when this heat wave has passed.

Here's something I find fascinating. Artist Richard Jackson (The New York Times calls him a neo-dadaist) has a project in which he recreates Seurat's famous Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte using a most unusual technique. Here's a set of photos displaying Jackson's unique approach and the results.

Brave kitten now visits the front yard in the evenings and doesn't even run from me until I get within six or seven feet. Portia is not pleased. This evening he even tried moving toward her as she was coming to the front door. I hope he doesn't become as much a problem to her as the gray cat is, but I suspect he will. He thinks this is his territory. I probably have a long time of being watchful coming. Oh, cats!

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