rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Buzz

The cicadas are back. I knew it was too good to last. At least it didn't get too hot again yet. The next week will probably be pretty bad, though.

The other afternoon the gray cat hopped onto the chaise and sniffed around where the feral kittens sleep most nights. I though he was about to curl up for a nap there himself, but he suddenly turned and sprayed the back of the chaise (the part one reclines on, not the outside of the back.) But I have a spray of my own, a bottle of stuff called "Smells Be Gone," so I immediately took it out and, after wiping the polluted area with a damp paper towel, I sprayed it thoroughly.

The cat had retreated several feet away when he saw me emerge from the house, and he ran even farther when he saw me spraying the spot he'd marked. I think maybe he got the message, as I saw him on the chaise again this afternoon, but when he saw me watching him through the window he jumped down without repeating the previous day's malodorous performance. My spray is more powerful than yours, cat, and this is MY territory!

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