rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

So Over September

Deprived of sleep again. It's been way too busy around here lately. Meanwhile, the feral cats sleep all they want. Maybe I could trade places with one of them for a day or two. Not if it's raining, though. I wouldn't want to be an outdoor cat when it's raining, and the chances of rain Tuesday have risen to 30%.

In fact it was cloudy most of the morning and afternoon today, and I keep listening for the sound of thunder in the mountains. It has partly cleared tonight, so it's a bit cooler tonight than last night. The house hardly cooled off at all last night, so what little sleep I got today was a bit soggy. I might as well be in Iowa if the weather is going to be like this.

And the cicadas are still at their buzzing. Shut up, bugs!
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