rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Pains In the Neck

Some clouds have arrived to obscure the stars. Luckily they arrived too late in the evening to trap much of the day's heat, and the night breeze is cool. But my brain is buzzing thanks to a cicada that has parked itself immediately outside my window, and the breeze offers no relief from the racket. It turns out there's a wasp called the cicada killer, but alas it does not inhabit California. I don't know if it would eat California cdadas anyway. I wish something would.

The position I slept in today must have been bad for my neck, because it's very sore tonight. Sitting at the keyboard isn't helping it. The moon will be rising above the tree line now. I think I'll go watch it for a while, before it gets so high that it would strain my neck even more to look at it.

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