rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The kid up the block woke me up way too early this afternoon by riding his sucky little motorbike up and down the street. He failed to fall off of it and break his head, so I didn't even get any entertainment out of the situation.

Acorns are beginning to fall in larger numbers, making their own unique racket. They can be quite startling when they hit the roof, especially if they smack down when you're dozing off because you've been deprived of sufficient sleep. So far none have smacked my head when I've been outside, but sooner or later it's bound to happen. I'm glad oaks don't produce coconuts.

Now I've suddenly reminded myself of a record my dad had when I was a kid. It was a song, probably from the 1930s, about letting a coconut fall on your head in order to have a dream. I just Googled for it, but all I can find is a rather bizarre variant of it on a religious web site. Only the last four lines posted there are pretty close to the original. The original lyric started out something like "If you're lonely/and you need a little love/Here's the thing that I am thinking of." Odd how the song, which I'm sure was fairly popular seventy or eighty years ago, has vanished down the wormhole and only shows up in that strange religious parody.

Anyway. Sunday could be the first day of the month to have a high temperature as low as the seventies. If it does I'm breaking out the last of the Summerfest beer to celebrate. Might even order a pizza. It will be a brief respite, though. Hot as hell again later in the week. Go away, summer, and take that noisy motorbiking kid with you.

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