rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Spring and All...NOT

Outside my window, the Camellia has put out a single bright red blossom, and a mass of buds. Birds have been chirping all day. One which sounds like a person whistling for a dog, another which makes a high trill followed by something that sounds like a kitten's meow. Blue jays, of course, and lots of little birds (finches? starlings?) which natter endlessly. They all think that spring has arrived. They never listen to my warnings. I have seen seven inches of snow here on April Fool's Day. Foolish plants. Foolish birds.

On my walk through the balmy day, I was nearing the last hill that rises at the end of the road, and saw a group of people standing at the top of the hill. As I drew closer, all but their heads were concealed by the hill. It looked like a group of heads bobbing up and down on the pavement. "Those heads are having fun," I thought. They wandered off before I reached the top of the hill, so I never found out if their bodies grew back.

It was supposed to be cloudy today, but there were only a few big white clouds here and there, making the sky unduly festive for the time of year. There is supposed to be rain within a couple of days, but, since the clouds failed, maybe the rain will fail, too. I would like to see some more rain. The cats, on the other hand, would probably be happy to have more warm, dry days. They are greatly enjoying sleeping outdoors for a change. Cats are easily pleased.

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