rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Can't sleep. Cicadas will eat me.

Can't stay awake. Cicadas will drive me crazy.

Hello, September.

The three feral kittens have been hanging around my back yard all day, but I haven't see their mom since last night. I wonder if she's tired of them and has decided to abandon them to me? I haven't seen her suckle them for a few weeks now, so they're certainly at the stage when she would be losing interest in them. I don't think she ever did teach them to hunt properly. Now they're going to think I'm their new mom, since I'm the one who feeds them.

Also, I got my head yanked about by the chiropractor today. I hope that makes my shoulder feel better than it has lately.

Portia is on my lap, making use of the keyboard difficult. She keeps nudging my arm with her head. That's the disadvantage of letting her indoors so early each evening. But it's better than hearing her get the snot beaten out of her by the gray cat.

Time to shower away the lingering heat. Then there's a full moon to watch. Busy, busy, busy.

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