rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A most remarkable image, and definitely something you don't see every day. Plus it's totally safe for work— unless you have a boss who thinks that employees going Aawwww! is a bad thing.

There are no fires near here (knock on highly flammable wood,) and so far I can't smell Auburn burning (it's about seventy or eighty miles distant,) but the afternoon was quite breezy. The bird next door continues to whistle, and I've discovered it has a larger repertoire than just a wolf-whistle, but it is by and large a tuneless creature. Tuneless whistling is very annoying. In fact I find most whistling rather annoying and would not be displeased if the bird got out of its house and was eaten by one of the many feral cats who frequent the neighborhood.

Speaking of feral cats, the brave kitten encountered Portia in the front yard this evening while I was present. No confrontation ensued, but each cat seemed curious about the other. I don't know what would have happened had I not been there, and I'm not eager to find out. I can see that I'll have to be watchful in the evenings, especially as the kitten grows larger.

It's goodbye to August, and not a day too soon, though the early days of September don't promise more than token relief from the heat. Highs are predicted to remain in the eighties through Saturday at least. The first day with a high in the seventies will be cause for celebration.

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