rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Butterflies brave the heat to visit the trumpet vine's flowers, where they are joined by a pair of hummingbirds. The feral cats interrupt their afternoon naps to watch the aerial ballet. The metal roof of the back-fence neighbor's garage, no longer shaded by the pines he had removed weeks ago, reflects light to the surviving oak nearby. The oak looks tired.

The place even looks hotter than it used to, and not in a good way. Our walnut tree and our oak still shade their corner of our yard, and the northern neighbor's yard retains its shade from five large trees, but the atmosphere is brighter overall. I suppose that will be nice when winter comes, but for now I am displeased. I want those trees back.

One more day of high heat and then back down to the eighties. I can hardly wait.

Oh, orange sherbet. I haven't had any in years and had a sudden craving. It's good.

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