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Gusty winds arrived today and disturbed my sleep by flapping my drapes and letting flashes of sunlight in. It was enjoyable once I woke and went outdoors, though. Unfortunately there was much distress among the elders today, which blew away my time faster than the wind blew the leaves. Now it's late and there's nothing to be done about the time being gone or the wind being gone.

Sunday Verse

A Sweet Flying Dream

by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

We were two naked
light headed dandelions
with natural hair blown out
floating high over the landscape
blown by zephyr winds
our long legs dangling
straight down
dandelion stems
in an archetypal primordial dream
of flying

Sweet hills & waters
flowed below us
as we floated high over
lakes & rivers
& windblown peaks

wafted easily
flew wingless
Full of air
our hair
buoyed us

trailed our slim legs
in streams of silver air
was nothing
blowing us down
or away
from each other

After a long way
and a long while
we glided down
lower & lower
in great swinging circles
The sea
the lapping sea
rose up
and we
were over
dry gold land
close up
and I
I was afraid you would
come against the ground too hard
and I reached down
and took
your two extended hands
in mine
and held you below me
like that
As we drifted
lower & lower
the earth
came up to us
so softly
we landed
so quietly
so gently
to the bright soft ground
And lay in the light
flowerless fields

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