rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A golden poppy that managed to root itself in an irrigated flower bed is blooming in my back yard. A couple of other poppy plants near the flower bed have buds on them. They are evolving intelligence! They now know how to get humans to give them water during the dry summer! I expect that they will soon be sneaking into my room as I sleep and releasing opium fumes into the air, then use their psychic powers to send drug-induced dreams to me in which I will receive my orders. I must obey the poppies! They will soon rule the world! Everyone must plant poppies!

In other news, Jamba means "fart" in Swahili.

It was hotter than predicted today. The forecast for the next five days has been changed, and they are now predicted to be much cooler. I hope the forecast is right this time. If it is then my brain might begin to recover and I'll make more sense by the end of the week. At least I might if the poppies don't get to me first.

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