rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Somebody was laughing down the street. Somebody is having more fun than I am! And they don't have to have it on the Internets, either. Now I'm feeling abused, stuck in the house on a Friday night. Of course, I'm stuck in the house every night, but somehow being stuck in the house on Friday seems more onerous.

Not that there's anywhere to go around here. This late, especially, there's not much going on anywhere other than the mini-mart and the sad local bars where old bikers or other aged folk hang out. There's stuff going on in Chico, to be sure, but I doubt much of it would interest me. I miss Los Angeles. Even this sort of thing.

At least it got a bit cooler here tonight.

I guess I'll go see if the feral cats are up to anything. Portia hasn't shown up yet.

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