rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Got the Hots

The cicadas are getting closer and louder. Last week they were in the orchard at the end of the street, and now I hear them in the yard next door but one to mine. I'm hoping that if they come to my yard the feral cats will eat them. A repulsive image, of course, but better the kitty gullets should endure them than that they should assail my ears from so near.

Heat persists, but two days of lower than normal temperatures are expected. That's cause for brief celebration. Additional cause for celebration is the acquisition of another excellent casaba melon. They've been consistently good this summer, somewhat assuaging my heat-induced displeasure. The peaches not so much, alas.

To distract me from my lethargic state, I've decided to make up a rumor: If Obamacare passes, the government will levy an entertainment tax on wet dreams. Please help spread it.

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