rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Despite persistent clouds which kept the day cool, there has not been even the modest augmentation of the water supply for which I'd hoped. A bit of mist drifts about now and then, and the air smells delightfully damp, but nothing that could be construed as actual rainfall has fallen. Though this is disappointing, there has been a complete absence of any lightning, which is good given the dryness of the fields and forest. I guess I'll just be glad that we've had a day as cool as one that early spring might bring.

My neck adjustment today was, uh, rather vigorous, and I probably won't feel like sitting at the keyboard tomorrow. I'm certainly not enjoying sitting at it tonight. It would probably be best if I didn't crane my neck watching the fullish moon among the clouds, either, enjoyable though the sight of it is. I'm stuck with television tonight, I guess.

Feral kittens keeping warm in a heap on the back porch chaise. Cuteness.
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