rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Tuesday Is a Dull Day

There might be rain Thursday. The temperature might reach a high of only 72. Spring! Of course that's the day I have my appointment with the chiropractor. After the last few weeks I won't mind getting wet— in fact it would be totally worth it if everything gets a good soaking. But I hope there won't be any serious lighting setting fires.

I bet the kitties won't like the rain, though.

Speaking of kitties, when I go outside to sit on the porch while the kittens are in the yard, the brave kitten will now usually approach within a few feet of me and lie down to watch me. Meanwhile, when Portia is in the back room she will often look out the window and hiss at the kittens if they're on the porch. Great potential exists for feline drama as the kittens grow.

Hacked off all the irritating hair that was tickling me. Happy ears!

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