rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Needing of the Nap

Dusk brought lavender sky thanks to the thin clouds the cooling trend has sent us. The air has taken on a vaguely oceanic feel, and the dampness of the night breeze is refreshing. This is like recovering from a fever. I hope for no relapse.

The feral kittens mostly ignored me when I sat on the porch for a while this evening. I'll take that as a sign that they've grown accustomed to my presence. I doubt they'll become friendly, but at least they've ceased to panic. They also appear to have ended their playful depredation of my jade plant. I no longer find bits of it scattered about the yard. It won't be necessary to invest in distracting cat toys simply to save the vegetation.

Still not caught up on sleep, due to nonagenarian drama.

I wish my weekends were still weekends.

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