rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


All three kittens are now willing to share the porch with me, and stay fairly calm even when I move around, as long as I'm at least six or seven feet distant from the bravest kitten and twelve or so feet from the less brave kittens. Mom cat still sometimes growls and hisses at me as I come out the door, but even she is getting more tolerant. Maybe she's learning from the kittens.

The tree destroyers were working farther from my house today so they didn't wake me. Their equipment is all gone now so I don't expect them to return tomorrow.

It was less hot today, but the real cooling begins tomorrow. There were great masses of white clouds over the mountains this afternoon, and more clouds are on the way. No lightning will be in them, I hope.

Finding things out from the You Tube. I'd had no idea that the composer of the Tango Jalousie, Jacob Gade, was a Dane. Here's a recording of it by Leo Reisman and his orchestra from 1925, the year it was composed. Here's Wikipedia's list of other things that happened in 1925. The twain fill me with melancholy.

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