rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Actual Entry With Arboricide and Weather

Last night I kept smelling smoke again. Though several wildfires are burning in various parts of the state, there's nothing reported within several dozen miles of my house, and there was no sign or smell of smoke in the air today. Maybe when the wind shifts tonight I'll smell it again. It's possible the smell was coming all the way from one of those distant fires. Smoke can travel a long way.

While there's no fire here at the moment, the forest continues to vanish. Today two pines were cut down in the yard beyond my back fence. One was fairly small, and probably only about thirty years old, but the other was a large second-growth tree that probably dated from the latter part of the local lumbering period, in the early 20th century, when the forest began growing back after much of it had been cut to be carved into matchsticks for the Diamond Match Company.

The trunks of the trees cut today will probably end up as firewood. The smaller branches simply got chipped, as did the lower branches of a few other pines and a couple of oaks that got trimmed. The view is more open now. The trade-off is less shade for more sky.

The big truck with the bucket on an arm is still parked in the alley tonight, so I'm guessing the crew will be back early tomorrow to do some more chopping. They didn't arrive until afternoon today, so my sleep was not disturbed until I was nearly ready to wake up anyway. Tomorrow I probably won't be so lucky. A bucket truck, a couple of chain saws, and a wood chipper all going at once makes an astonishing racket.

Naturally the feral cats made themselves scarce all day. The tree guys didn't leave until almost nine o'clock, and then the brave kitten turned up. The others followed some time later. I have no idea where they spent the day, since beyond the back fence is the direction from which they always arrive. Their usual morning lair must have been almost as noisy as my yard. They were very hungry when they finally arrived, as all day they'd been cut off from the food I leave out. Equipment was parked right by the spot where they come through the fence, and guys and machines were going back and forth all afternoon. Poor kitties must have been distraught.

I don't think it got below 75 degrees here last night. Tonight is supposed to be a balmy 70. That would be a pleasant spring day. For a summer night, not so good, though certainly better than last night. But the daytime high should be down to a mere 90 by Saturday, and nocturnal lows will return to the low 60s. Relief! If the forest does not burst into flames, early August might be almost tolerable.
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