rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

All In the Timing

The kittens are sleeping on the chaise. Last night they just inspected it and rejected it for their familiar chair, but tonight they've apparently decided it's worth trying out as a bed. It's a lot roomier than the chair. Once they find that out I suspect they'll make it their usual sleeping place at night.

There was some wind today, and the afternoon sky sported great swaths of cirrus clouds. Sunset turned them orange and pink, which was a nice change from the recent dull and cloudless sunsets. I hope the clouds hang around for the moon. The breeze, alas, has departed, so there's no sound of rustling foliage to accompany the cricket songs.

Yesterday's head yanking left my left shoulder sore. It feels like its about to pop out of joint whenever I lift anything or reach too far. That's going to be very annoying if it continues.

A developing El Niño brings the possibility of a stormy winter for California in 2010. The water will be welcome. Any undue cold will not. The 1991-92 and 1997-98 events brought loads of snow and persistent cold to the area. I guess I'll have to wait and see what comes of it.

I'm still not caught up on sleep. The house next door got painted today, which led to some disruption. May tomorrow be placid. Then maybe I'll sleep as well as those kittens do.

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